Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wait For It...

Just sitting here *not editing*  but paralyzed, again, by a Kate Bush song.

I have been thinking about KB lately and how, most of the time, I don't really like a lot of her music the first time through.  I buy every record.  I listen to it.  I like some of it and other parts not so much.  I mean, we are not in radio hit territory here.  And yet, thousands at her bidding would speed, and post o're land without rest, if she were ever to give a concert.  I am one of those.  She's a magician.  And those songs that bounce off me at first have a way of wending themselves into my DNA and often later become my favorites.  It has happened time and again.

It pleases me that in this time, where all popular entertainment seems to be required to hook its audience like a hit of crack that KB succeeds in the way that she does.  So much of value is not capable of snap judgment or even instant appreciation.  Point taken.

So, here's a video for the song "Snowflake" from last year's 50 Words For Snow.  It features her son, Bertie, (who is just the same age as the Infanta so I feel a certain connection).  KB's voice, as she sings the chorus, "The world is so loud, keep falling, I'll find you"  coming just behind his choir boy's voice, gets me right between the ribs every time.  Also, the piano in this song is gorgeous.  I am not sure it jumped out at me from the record right away but it has me now, a year or so later.

You may have to listen to it a few times before you get all that out of it.  I hope you will.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Another Shorty

I was mowing the lawn today and it occurred to me that it would have been cool to be born into a family called "Tiplady" (I saw someone with this name on TV recently) or maybe "Scrimshander."  No luck there I'm afraid.  I do wonder how that first Tiplady got his name?  I mean, it's hardly "Townsend" or "Johnson" or "Weaver" or something with a boringly obvious derivation.  There's got to be a great story back there somewhere.
Also, as I was listening to my lawn mowing musical accompaniment, I got thinking about how I am probably the only 40-something Yankee in the country who has "Lula Walls" on my iTunes exercise mix.  (No comments, please, on the efficacy of my exercise regime).  It always gives me a lift.  Here's a video (pretty much minus any video content) but with the great music.  Maybe do a few stretches while you listen!


P.S.  I decided I had to look into this "Tiplady" thing and our friend the Internet, as ever, didn't let me down.  Here's a fascinating little look at the possibilities for how this old Yorkshire name was derived.  If you don't have time, the author's best guess is that it referenced a lady bar keeper.

Friday, September 07, 2012

My Little Margie!

Sorry to bore you if you are not down with music from the 1920s, but here's another favorite from my new old play list.  I have a lovely aunt called "Margie" and now a little niece with the same name so this irrepressible little number already had a place in my heart before it embedded itself in my brain.

Press play if you want to hear the Ben Selvin Orchestra play "Margie."  If you leave the player going after the song ends, MySpace will tag on  some other stuff - I don't know what.  You've been warned.  (Is that a xylophone in there?  The guy must be playing it at light speed).


Monday, September 03, 2012

Greatest Hits of Prohibition

Hey all.  I have been listening to lots of music from the 1920s lately.  They just don't write paeans to drinking the way they used to.  The video isn't much on the one below, but the song is genius.  I got it at iTunes on a compilation of 20s hits and didn't know til I watched the video that words and music were by Irving Berlin. ("Where dark-eyed Stellas light their fellas panatellas...") I was singing it at dinner tonight, to the delight of the Infanta and Shack (not).

Here's a link to another song about leaving the country in order drink.  It's the Jazz Pilots (another great name) singing "Hello Montreal." I have a special fondness for this one because Montreal is the drinking city of my heart.  No pictures, but the music is worth your while.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

It's Been Really Nice Here Lately

A recent sunrise at the Last House

The weather has been so nice - you'd think we were in California or something.  This long weekend has seen me taking to the woods twice - once, briefly, with Shack
Behind the school in Stowe

and then this morning for a longer,much rockier hike with the faithful Maisy.

Note the ruined cellar hole.

 I only ever have my crumby cell phone camera with me but here are a couple of snaps just FYI.

In reading news, I am continuing on my tear through the works of W. Somerset Maugham.  I seem to be bookmarking every other page - he writes such wonderful sentences.  It's a wonder of our world today that you can download Maugham's best works for free on your Kindle or other e-reader.  Happy Labor Day.