Monday, January 21, 2008

Back Home - Birthdays, etc.

Back home at the Last House after MLK weekend in the place of my birth, Albany County New York. Kids and I visited with my Dad and his wife. Dad and I had a good time playing with Google Earth on his big computer. Google Earth is a great tool for planning my coming trip to England. We zoomed in on the hotel where we will be staying (the sattelite view permits one to see the cars on the street!). I used the "ruler" tool to measure the distance from the hotel (Kensington Hilton Olympia) to Kensington Palace (about a half a mile) and to the London Eye, Westminster, etc. (about 3 miles) and generally get the lay of the land. Planning this trip has become my number-one pass time. I'm a little worried I'll wind up like the astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who famously decompensated when he got back from the moon - i.e., "now what?" I guess it's good the Woolfoot family is planning on getting a dog in the spring. That will be something to look forward to on our return.

I left my camera in the car during this weekend so no new pics. of the family in NY. By way of an update, we did have a big sleepover party for Kid 1 the weekend before last. She's 10! Three girls from Burlington came for the night along with two neighbor kids. I think it went very well for the kids. Kid 1 was certainly happy. My own birthday looms on Friday. 43! How did this happen?