Thursday, August 30, 2012

Made Ya Look!

Just stopping by the old blog to wave at you.  Hello.  Also, I found this lovely picture of the Infanta (today's banner) when she was a genuine infant and felt like sharing.

Since you were good enough to stop round and admire her, here's a little something for YOU!  One of those rare Gertrude Stein jokes that every one covets.
(Actually, a good one if you are the kind of person who knows at least three things about Gertrude Stein).
Click on through. See you around the interwebs!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Quick! Don Your Platform Boots, Doctor!

 Went with lovely English visitors to the sedate and civilized Shelburne Museum this week.  We had three kids along, aged 6 to 11.  After a long walk through the grounds we made our way into the Robots, Time Machines and Steam Punk exhibition where they were showing a Flash Gordon film (among all kinds of other steamy punky stuff).

The film was a revelation in its way.  Apparently, the Hollywood designers of Saturday morning serials back in the 1930s and 40s had a fondness for fetish wear.  (It all adds up, doesn't it?) 

Note above Dr. Zarkov's scientist shorty shorts and the boots that would probably be over-the-top for Elton John.  Each kid burst out laughing when the Roman/Martian bad guys appeared (showing lots of leg) and when the "space ships" battled from the end of their strings.

There was other fun stuff too, such as:


Back to school in less than a week. I think I am as sorry about it as the kids are. Sigh.

I see that Netflix has made these Buster Crabbe Flash Gordon serials available to subscribers.  Today's top tip, check one out if you don't blush easily and if your ribs are in good shape.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Looking Backward

Doing a little research tonight and came across this bit from the British Film Institute. Looking at lovely London today - hard to believe it was once, not so long ago, right there on the brink.

I'm not sure when America got a look at this effective little film - it must have been just as the U.S. was getting in officially in December 1941. It had me at the opening title ("The Ministry of Information Presents!") It does make you think what might have been if Britain hadn't hung in as it did...

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Let Me Show You a Trick With a Dollar...

Shackleton said at dinner last night.

Do you have a dollar?

In my purse.

OK. Put your hands on the table.

Like this?

No the other way.

Palms down?

Yeah. Hold on.

[Shack comes back with two coffee mugs filled with water]

Now put the dollar on the table between your hands.


Make your hands as flat as you can.


[He balances the coffee mugs on my hands, very precariously, grabs the dollar and runs away].

It Has Come to This...

Some comedians asked the Internet to write a fake book - no one even read it in it's entirety before it was published as an e-book. Only requirement: lots of sex and characters with trendy jobs.

It is now number four on the ebook best seller list. Numbers one, two and three are Fifty Shades of Grey.