Friday, November 24, 2006

My Next Album Cover

Happy Thanksgiving! The weather up here was beautiful today. This pretentious shot was taken on the golf course at Jay a couple of weeks ago.

Je ne golf pas. But I like the new golf course. I feel like I am strolling through some Scottish country club. I was there again this morning and saw the sun rise on the back nine. Golf is done for the year, which is how I like things. I don't like to run into any other people or feel like I am getting in anyone's way.

Thanksgiving in the Woolfoot home was pleasantly past with Woolfoot Pere and Woolfoot Step Mom alond with Kid 1 and Kid 2 and one of the dogs of the senior generation. A Glen of Imaal terrier named Zoe (photo to follow).

Kid 1, Kid 2 and I spent the night in the condo being rented by Pere and Stepmom up at Trillum Woods. We enjoyed playing foosball in the basement and this AM (after my walk on the golf course) I took a sauna in the quite excellent facility.

Today we accomplished snowtires (at Sumner Tire damages $409) and grocery shopping. Leg of Lamb is cooking now. The table must be set. Children entertained. Etc.

Skiing started at Jay today, by the way, but only one run - far beyond my abilities