Thursday, January 21, 2010

iPhone Mirabile Dictu

Today, I learned that my old cell phone had
not survived it's night in the driveway (oops). I ran to Burlington and after an hour
in the AT&T store with handsome young Kendal
I had this miracle of modern technology in my bag,
a bit more debt, and a commitment to AT&T that is
likely to last longer than a Hollywood marriage.

WHusband was not happy... He called on a surviving cell phone while I was
talking to Kendal and made me feel like Lucy to his Desi.
The agreement is to test drive it this weekend and research other
deals. Annulment is a possibility. (Between me and At&t - Whusband and I are in it for the duration).

What do you think?

Kids are rooting for the iPhone. The Understudy took this snap of Maisy and
Shackleton to demonstrate it's powers.