Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Romantic England

Today, instead of cleaning the bathroom and recaulking the tub, the two things I promised myself I would do on this day off prior to company arriving tomorrow for Thanksgiving, I spent a couple of hours getting our old scanner and older desktop computer back into action. The CD burner we have is a relic from the late 90s. The good news for you, gentle reader, is that all this effort paid off and I managed to scan some great postcards that I have recently collected.

As my close friends know (but not my little girl nor all the friends I intend to visit) I am planning, at last, a trip to England in the spring with my 10-year-old daughter (the official announcement comes at Christmas). As for these postcards, about two weeks ago I discovered an antique store - my new favorite- I'm keeping its location secret for now, where the proprietor had PILES of stuff I loved. Including boxes of these beautiful postcards. I never thought much about how great these things could be but now I am smitten. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are the scans of the postcards I now won't have to buy when we finally make it across the pond.