Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Weekend in Montreal

Woolfoot Husband took off to Milwaukee for a class reunion. Woolfoot and Kids thus spent the weekend in the Montreal accommodation. Saturday evening we went up Parc Ave to St. Viateur for dinner at Arahova - my old Montreal favorite. I thought it would be good and interesting for the kids to see the ultra Orthodox Jews that live up there. The chance to eat Greek food while observing the street life of the neighborhood is not something they get at the Last House. Then across the street to St. Viateur Bagel. We even got a great parking spot, so that little expedition was highly successful. We had fun Sunday bookshopping at Indigo. Northern Vermont does not have bookshop cafes populated by the sort of shoppers one encounters there. Sunday morning seems to bring out silver-haired women with big glasses and tight ponytails... We then saw, Mr. Bean's Holiday, at the fabulous Famous Players movie theater. It was terribly overpriced (no matinee pricing to my dismay) and the tickets set us back about 30 bucks for me and the two kids. The good news is that we all liked the movie, despite the bad reviews.
The city was looking great. We also all liked this great display of photographs of life in Montreal now up on the sidewalk on McGill College Ave. We even went to the McCord Museum (from whence the photos came) to see if they had any prints for sale. We'll go back to properly tour the Museum - a minature Canadian Smithsonian. I haven't been through it in years and the gift shop was very promising. It's free Saturday mornings so that will be the plan
We saw this white Rolls Royce about 4 times on Saturday. We also saw the wedding party with which it was associated (must've been married in Birks Chapel at McGill). The bride and groom and the wedding party and photographers etc. were getting pictures taken on campus. It felt like good luck to keep encountering them. They looked so happy.