Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Coming Soon!

So much to write about, so little time...

I have been planning a couple of posts that I am fairly itching to write. Life is getting in the way, however. Today is a day off, but the tub demands recaulking NOW, dust (some of it anyway) must be chased, captured, and banished from the house, and the sheets stripped off and washed (they can still be dried on the line in the sun and it's not a chance to be missed this time of year). So, here by way of a little coming attraction are some of the titles I am contemplating:

"Who Cares What You Think?" (Insights on blogging that will be devastating in their accuracy);
"Subversion is For Amateurs" (just you wait: think "art").

Now you'll be compelled to check back, won't you?

As an aside, I have been reading and enjoying Stephen King's book, On Writing (2000). He suggests a few exercises there and invites readers to try them and email him about how they went. I like Stephen King, although I am often sorry when his books veer off into something sick and violent (I know, I know, it's like complaining about Mickey Mouse showing up at DisneyWorld). Still, I was impressed that such a famous writer would invite this kind of contact. I haven't tried his exercises or emailed him but, who knows, if I ever manage to clean my house etc. I might one day. I don't know if he regards that invitation as still open, but I commend the book to anyone interested in writing and here's a link to his website and information on the book.