Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back Again


Not sure anybody noticed but I've been away from my crumbling keyboard and out doing stuff in the real world, namely traveling to old New York to see my Dad turn 70 in the company of many far flung relatives. We gathered under a tent in the side yard at Dad's and caught up on the last five years or so. It was interesting that this was made more challenging by my deaf ear. Really, it's gettting to be a problem. Perhaps something must be done, like a hearing aid or surgery. In other family news, my brother (41, long divorced) brought along the girlfriend he has been dating for about four and a half years (Russian, smart) and announced they were getting married. So, that was fun. I also got sick (with a cold) on party day, which gave all the shouted conversations under the tent a fevered haze. I am still hacking and sniffling so you can be glad for this reason, among many possible others, that you aren't actually anywhere near me.

Finally, although no one seems much to have liked my foray into fiction (except that most intelligent, perceptive and kind, not to mention polite, bloggging genius, Mme Defarge), I am think, think, thinking about a bigger writing project. This thinking has taken some of the starch out of my need to write here. (This blog, like many others, is partly the product of the mild OCD and ADD from which I suffer [the attention deficit in my case is that I don't get enough attention]. So the obsession and compulsion being otherwised channeled, well, I guess that's enough said. I'll go read a few blogs now.