Sunday, February 27, 2011

So Here's the Situation

ORLANDO - I come to you today from a dated (au courant around the same time as Miami Vice) but pleasant "villa" in darkest Florida. Well, actually it has been very sunny here, which is sort of the point. Kids and I had long planned a vacation and family visit (my Mom and sister live here) and we have had that - despite the (long expected but still horrible) death of Mom's husband the day before we arrived. So, an odd sort of crisis/vacation. We are back to Vermont on Weds and I, for one, will be ready to go.

As usual, traveling far from home and visiting with family, especially under these conditions, has me thinking many deep thoughts. Luckily for you, however, I only have about twenty minutes left on the Internet before I have to pay another $9.95 for another day of access. Since we are leaving here early tomorrow -- to retrieve my mother from my sister's house and return her to her own -- and though I have spent a month's pay down here in the last three days you might think it strange that I am balking at another $9.95, but reality is beginning to reassert itself.

So, I'll limit myself to illuminating today's picture for you. It is Shackleton, naturally, a couple of days ago at the end of a long line to ride the world's dullest roller coaster at Universal Studios theme park (never again!) His reading skills are clearly coming along because he's the one who noticed during the hour that we stood in line for the roller coaster that this sign leads weary Seussical travelers to "Gas Food." We've had a fair bit of that on our travels this last week and a half. More later. Thanks for your continued interest.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Two of My Favorite Things

No time for a proper post, but while I was working away on the aforementioned Blook, the Understudy played this little YouTube video for me. Choral music meets The Simpsons. What could be better? Well, maybe if there were some pictures instead of just the misspelled lyrics, but the music is grand. The blook's almost ready. I'll order one and see how it came out, then I'll post a link. Have fun. See ya.