Sunday, June 09, 2013

Favorite Queen Elizabeth Anecdote and A Little Something for HRH's Birthday

Queen Elizabeth in 1967 - the Famous Admiral's Boat Cloak Portrait by Cecil Beaton

Sometime during the last sixty years, Elizabeth II R was introduced to a famous photographer at some official palace do or another.  (The internet has failed me in trying to track down the photographer involved).  The appropriate introductions were made according the appropriate protocols and the Queen, model of tact that she is, began a polite conversation by noting that she knew a great many photographers.  The photographer in question responded, "And I know a great many Queens."

I like to think that she approved that particular quip.

Anywho, HRH E2R has a birthday coming up next weekend.  It isn't her actual birthday, which is on April 21.  The weather is a little too dodgy then for a parade or trooping the "colour" etc. so they move the party to late May or June. 

This year, it is on June 16.  Have you thought what you might get for HRH?  I am happy to say that, for once, I have planned ahead.

Are you sitting down?

I am offering her Majesty, and everyone else with a Kindle and working knowledge of English, a free download of my book, Up, Back, and Away

The giveaway commences at midnight on June 14, 2013 Pacific TIme, and ends midnight June 15.  (With the time delay that covers her big day). 

The book is a time travel adventure story wherein our hero, a fifteen-year-old boy from suburban Dallas, is sent back to England in 1928 (on a vintage English three-speed bicycle) to "find a girl with a gift, a girl born out of her time," and a "secret that was not meant to be" and then return home with them both.

So, if you have a Kindle and the slightest bit of interest wait til next weekend and pounce, or click,  really.  Remember Queen's Birthday = free book.  Queen's Birthday = free book.  Queen's Birthday = free book.  (This is supposed to be like a Manchurian Candidate style trigger for you).

Incidentally, the paperback is on sale now at one third off the cover price so, there ya go.  Also, if you have Amazon Prime you can borrow the book (and other Kindle books) for free anytime.