Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Welcome to the Last House

OK, it's really only the last house if you are heading out of the US and into Canada in North Troy, Vermont (and crossing the border illegally). If you're headed (legally) to the border station at Highwater, Quebec, on Vermont Route 243 there's a different (and much nicer) last house: a five-over-four colonial number with big trees in the front yard. Our house is a semi-spavined farmhouse, albeit on a beautiful piece of ground which, as noted, includes the 20-foot-strip that marks the Canada-US boundary. (Well patrolled by the Border Patrol, please note).

From this perch at the top of the country in a rural and none-too-stylish, though not without its charms, community I have a unique vantage point on things going on in the great world around me that I sometimes want to express. I'll be back.