Sunday, April 04, 2010

At Random...

Easter: Nice. Weather: Fine. Food: Good. Company: Same.

Hope yours was good, too.

Clutch, shift.

One thing about having satellite radio now is that I see the names of the bands whose songs are playing on the radio. The Understudy's favorite station is "Pop 2K." (Understudy = 12, Pop 2 K = Pop music of the last 10 years). As a result, I am learning the names of a lot of hot new artists and bands, or "beat combos" as my friend Mme. Defarge so charmingly put it recently, and how these names are spelled. E.g.:

Linkin Park
Kardinal Offishal
Flo Rida

I told my daughter that when I start my Hip Hop band I am going to call it "The Badd Spelluz."

I am told this isn't funny.