Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hot Off the Presses (But Will Cool in the Mail - Don't Worry).

Hey all.

Just FYI, I have just finished a little (70 page) compilation of some of my writing just to tide over my public as they await my next magnum opus.  (Anybody remember the "fan base" from "Flight of the Choncords"?  My public is a little like that.)  It's called The Tiny Confinements Miscellany and some of it is funny, or supposed to be.

The book should soon be available as an ebook on Amazon, where you will be able to check out sample pages, borrow for free etc. (though it will be priced in the range of a chocolate bar once the e-version is ready so you don't have to start saving now).  In the meantime, for those who simply must have the paperback, it's out there right now if you'd like one.

Here's the link to the one place where you can order it right away if you simply can't wait.

I heart you all.