Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Today's Big Event: Meet Our Maisy

Here she is; just arrived at the Last House a few hours ago from the North Country Animal League shelter in Morrisville, Vermont: Miss Maisy McTavish Velk.

Maisy was Born March 12, 2008 and is a native Vermonter. Her mother arrived at the shelter pregnant (to everyone's surprise since she was really still a puppy herself). The mother was sent to a local breeder of Cairn Terriers to be fostered. She (Maisy's mom) was, I am told, a shelter favorite and the breeder liked her so much she adopted her. The puppies(7)went to the shelter last week to find homes of their own. Two of Maisy's sisters remain. It was hard to break up the group but I think the others will have homes soon. Puppies are a bit of a rarity at the shelter and especially those that are likely to grow into small adults (the right thing for our little house).

I considered the breeder's adoption of Maisy's mom quite a recommendation. (I talked with the breeder's daughter today). The breeder is said to be a great dog caregiver, so Maisy's mother was well cared for during the pregnancy and the pups well socialized among the Cairns (hence the Scottish middle name; "McTavish" is also the name of one of my favorite streets in Montreal). So, at last, here is our new little mutt; the first dog I have had since I was about 10. WHusband needed a lot of persuading. Kid 1 & 2 are over the moon. Here's hoping we all get some sleep tonight...