Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Semi Snow Day - A Lady of Leisure?

Heavy wet snow fell last night. I declared my own two-hour school delay this morning. This meant, in addition to a somewhat safer drive to Morrisville, I had a couple of extra hours to spend doing the bare maintenance required to keep this show on the road and preparing some Christmas presents for relatives. How can packing boxes and loading up garbage for the dump take so much time?

The delay had the added advantage of allowing me a day in Stowe without having to kill too much time doing nothing in particular. I went to the gym (the Swimming Hole, it out - me and a few other oldish fat broads and "Le Tout Stowe") and then had lunch with another mom from school. We got talking when I heard her English accent and told her my plan for my Big Trip in the Spring. So, now I am a lady who goes to the gym and to lunch. (Also to the gas station, grocery store - twice - the post office, the bank and the library).Who'd have thunk it?

I was happy to come home and find that my Kate Bush "Kick Inside" CD has arrived. I haven't heard it all the way through since about 1985 and I am enjoying the title song as I blog.

A few pictures of the kids taken this snowy weekend round out this day's entry. Holiday greetings to anyone out there. pent