Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Perfect Sunday

So much to blog about, so little time.

We have been back from England for three full days and the glow is wearing off. We'll always have London, of course, but the pictures have been printed and the bags unpacked and tomorrow it's back to work and business as usual. Sigh...

A Sunday evening contentment prevails. A new episode ofThe Simpsons is on as I write. I scored a cache of great pottery at the auction today, along with a box full of Hotwheels for Kid 2 and an entire library of children's books from the 40s through the present day for Kid 1. We were all very happy with our respective hauls. From the auction we went over to our friends' farm to see the new pony and for some play time for all of us. (These friends have a beautiful farm and just redecorated their 200 year old house and I helped them hang some beautiful pictures while the kids played on the sunny, warm lawn). The kids played auction on the lawn, and bestowed their friends with lots of books and Hotwheels. (We have a lot of books in that box, maybe 150! and about 60 new in the box hotwheels. What fun). Kids all jumped in the pond, it was that warm - at least the air. The pond was frozen just a few weeks ago.

I'll be back with more when I can catch my breath... Remind me to tell you about Harrods and International London and the English class structure. I'm just dying to do so...

Here are a couple more England pics. Bath in the first shot, and Oxford in the next two. All were taken near the homes of the friends with whom we stayed. Nice friends with nice addresses.