Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Best Advice You Ever Had...

My candidates:

"Do what you want to do, or do what you should do, but don't do nothing."

"Take Latin."

"Drive slow in parking lots."

What about you?

I have been semi-busy this weekend, trying to take that first bit of advice. I did watch a couple of episodes of Spongebob just now, and believe me when I tell you that isn't what I wanted to do, nor what I should have done.

And Now for Something Completely Different

Also, I have been thinking of one way to solve the state tax revenue problem. Place a confiscatory tax on "creemees." Everyone in Vermont, probably all of New England, eats bucketfuls of this stuff all summer. I don't think they're allowed to sell it as "soft ice cream" because I am not sure a cow ever had anything to do with it. It is good though. And we are all hooked.

Thanks to the few people who still may be stopping by here. The old blog has languished of late. I haven't done as much reading of others as I like to do either. I will try and catch up later this week. Best wishes for a wonderful week.