Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Old Postcards - Those Wicked Tempters!

I recently divulged my favorite Vermont antique store: M. Lewis in Waterbury.

Six months ago, when I discovered her store, I spent a happy hour or two looking through some of her big boxes of postcards at the back of the store. The last thing I need is to start another collection of things not very useful and infinitely available. I couldnt help acquiring at least a few. Some miscellaneous favorites appear above - western scenes, the Flat Iron Building in New York; a French Chateau, a watercolor of Venice. The real temptation was a set of Raphael Tuck postcards of England, unused, perfect and about a hundred years old. Someone else made their big trip to England, no doubt, and not having a digital camera came home with these. I bought them just before I made my big trip. See below. If you recognize them it may be because I posted them some time ago in my "Romantic England" post.