Monday, October 15, 2012

Head Cases We Love...

Morrissey sang the soundtrack of my life from the mid 80s to the mid 90s so when I heard he was coming to Burlington, VT of all places, I immediately bought tickets.  I figured it would sell out in a minute.  Well, the show's tomorrow and I just checked.  Seats still available.  His Radio City show was sold out a couple of nights ago so I'm a little embarrassed for Vermont but, fact is, we really aren't that edgy or miserable around here (present company excepted).  I'm going with my old boss.  She has no idea who he is but I'm happy she wanted to go.  My usual-suspect concert friends were not interested.  ??  Check back for a little review.  Meanwhile, here's Morrissey looking miserable on Colbert - like he would jump out of his skin if he could and it didn't violate his vegetarian principles.  Also for your viewing pleasure, sounding great (and looking a bit like late-stage Elvis) on Jimmy Fallon.

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