Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shackleton Speaks VI

The Understudy came downstairs a few minutes ago and wanted $2 to buy an application, (that is "app" in 2010 speak), for her iPod. I asked what she would do to earn it. She had no ideas, but I told her she could have the $2 if she put away the clean laundry heaped (as usual) on my bed. It worked.

A few hours ago, when I had dumped the laundry on the bed, I noticed that the last load included a folded dollar bill. It had been nuggetized in that way of folded, washed and dried dollar bills. It wasn't destroyed, though, and I put it next to the bed. Shackleton just found it there and called down the stairs:

"Mom, I just found this dollar. Can I have it?"

Me: "What will you do to earn it?"


Shackleton: "I'll put it back."


Will someone remind me to write down my thoughts on American Idol? We have been watching it this year, for the first time - a little late to the party - and every time I see it I start thinking dark thoughts about large swathes of humanity. I want to share these with you all, but I'll need a prod. Or, well, maybe that's enough said. Bon weekend, tout le monde.