Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Think of the Person You Know Who Misses Downton Abbey The Most...

It's here...

Well, almost.

I am working my way through the final proof, but it (the proof) is so near to what the reading public will be offered that I feel I can ask for reviews from, well, some of you.

I have self-published this book, which is called, Up, Back, and Away, as you can see, or will publish it in just a few more days.  If you want, I'll bore you with all the details about why I decided to go that route.  In the meantime, it is part of a self-publisher's lot to stand around waving her arms and asking for people to look at her book.  So, here I am waving - not drowning (at least not yet) - but definitely waving.

I need some reviews people.  I hope they'll be good, but I know I'll have to take what comes.  In keeping with the time honored tradition of soliciting book reviews,  reviewers get free copies.  That's right, starting now and for the next two weeks (at least), I will send a FREE PDF copy of the book to anyone who tells me they'll review it.  I am not real picky about where the review might appear so long as its public: Amazon (where the book will soon be for sale as a paperback at $14.99 and an ebook at $7.99 - you won't be able to post a review until the book appears on the site, but you can get drafting), Goodreads (I think that will have to wait as well til the book is published), a book blog, a regular blog, a print publication.  I have some paperback proofs available right now and I will send those for the asking (also free) as long as they hold out.  I will be getting additional review copies down the road but it will be a few weeks.  If you want to review it but want to wait until I can sent a paperback, let me know.

All I ask is that readers start with at least a modicum of good will and agree to judge the book on its merit.  (Or lack thereof, I suppose, if that is the verdict).   Having moved my publication date more than the last checker at the end of a long game, I am now aiming for April 18.

So, please - hold up your hand.  Don't be shy.  I am honored by your interest if you have read this far.
Just send me an email (use the contact info over there or leave me a comment).  If you aren't interested yourself, but have a friend/colleague/kid/family member who might be interested (see aforementioned reference to bereft fans of Downton Abbey), let me know, or let them know to stop by here.  Leave a comment or send me an email (kimvelk@aol.com).

Oh - and, about the book!   Here's a little summary:

As the only child of wealthy parents, fifteen-year-old Miles McTavish appears destined for a life of trust-funded ease (and inconsequence). All that changes, however, the day he is summoned to the hospital bed of his friend, Professor Davies. The Professor tells Miles that he is to travel (on a vintage three-speed English bicycle) across the sea to England and back in time to 1928. There, he is to find "a girl with a gift, a girl born out of her time," and a "secret that was not meant to be," and then return home with them both. In addition to securing the future of "the girl"; a housemaid meant for greatness in contemporary America, Miles discovers his own capacity for resourcefulness and gallantry. His quest carries him from an English great house to London's jazz-age cabarets, and from terrified boy to heroic young man.

It's a bit of a throwback. There is little violence (a street brawl) and no sex (maybe a little sexual tension), and not even any swearing that I can think of.  I have characterized it as A Wrinkle in Time meets Captains Courageous It's 343 printed pages.

You can talk, right?  You can read? Type?  Use Google?  You're perfect!  Welcome tastemaker!  Hit that contact me button or leave a comment and we'll put this together.