Monday, June 30, 2014

The People Who Normally Live Here Aren't Here

Shackleton is at Y Camp for two weeks.  The Infanta is with her boyfriend's family in New Jersey for 10 days.  (Somehow, she has become 16, acquired a driver's license, a job, and a boyfriend.  How has this happened?)

Whusband and I had a strange dinner last night after we dropped Shack at camp.  Just the two of us,  looking at each other and wondering how we were supposed to act.  Whusband accidentally set one place too many (the Infanta hardly ever eats at home these days).   Now even Whusband has left here.  He went up to the old farm today to oversee some workpeople who are battling the carpenter ants that have not quite completely disassembled the ugly front porch there.  (I was kind of rooting for the ants but Whusband insists that the farmhouse not be allowed to fall into its cellar hole quite yet).

OK. I still have Maisy. Also, the World Cup, which filled the afternoon hours after I got home from work.  And this blog.

Oh dear.