Sunday, October 19, 2008

Who Cares What You Think?

This is a question I ask myself frequently. I have a history of being all too ready to tell people what I think. I still do that too much though, I really should have learned by now. We're not 16 anymore, are we? If you're writing a blog, it's also a question you had better be able to answer. Now, was that said like a true bore?

Winston Churchill once said, "If you would be remembered, do something worth writing about or write something worth reading." I am not particularly concerned with "being remembered" as per WC(I always think of Ozymandias when people start talking about immortality)but if we're going to write anything, even a blog post, shouldn't it be worth reading? That's a rhetorical question and the correct answer is "Yes."

In touring the blogiverse, linking usually from a blog I like to one that has been recommended by that writer, I have been surprised at the amount of good writing that is out there, for free, being written by people who are not getting paid to write it. (See e.g., the blog roll on the right). I seem to gravitate to people who write well and amusingly and who take good pictures. The medium of the blog seems to lend itself best to that kind of thing. A few are a little more serious. Some are a little clubby. None are bores. I know I have a capacity to be a bore - and not a small one. I need to keep my "who cares" filter running. It's on now and I have just barely squeezed through. So, I'll shut up now.