Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Just a post at twilight, just before I go, (to watch The Simpsons, and then to bed). Best Easter wishes to those few who may stumble in here this evening. Not that you asked, but here's what we did today.
Our Easter Sunday began with an 8AM Mass here at the Catholic Church in our tiny northern border town. The kids attend Catholic school and so pretty much know the drill. My Methodist upbringing left me a little at sea (kneel, genuflect, kneel etc) but I liked it. We weren't much for statues and incense back at Eastern Parkway United Methodist, but the little church in our village here has quite a beautiful statue of the Virgin and Child and I liked the incense burning bit. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the priest here at the moment is Nigerian. I had read about him a few years ago in a local paper, when he was new in Vermont and assigned to a parish in a neighboring county. He's a long way from home, and believe me when I tell you our village is a little thin on Nigerians. He had a lovely voice and lots of charisma. Watching him minister to all the stolid farm-town lilly-white Yankees, in his demonstrative way, was touching to me, and heartening about the whole Big Picture.

Then it was home to put out an Easter Dinner spread for ourselves and some Montreal friends. WHusband had brought all kinds of great stuff from the Slovenian butcher and Italian grocer in Montreal and I dragged out the fancy vintage china and flatware (auction bargains all), really cleaned the dining room (which serves as an office and rec center most of the time) and a good time was had by all. I played vinyl record albums of movie musicals all afternoon: Gigi and My Fair Lady and Oliver, and music hall favorites from the 19th Century (hence the reference, which you may have missed, to "Just a Song at Twilight"). The music helped to put us all in a good mood and to keep us there - even me with what seemed like a thousand dishes to wash before all was said and done.

It's Clean! Quick take a picture!...

In all the driving around I have been doing (see the last post) I have had the chance to listen to a lot of music. One of my favorite CDs is Johnny Cash Greatest Hits. (Aren't I full of surprises?) Johnny Cash makes me proud to be an American. His version of "Were You There", with his wife, June Carter Cash and her Carter family sisters singing along, is my favorite song on the record. It's a great song for Easter and here's a version for your consideration. It's fun (and funny) - but I don't think it is mocking (or I wouldn't have posted it). If you are put off by Lego people singing gospel, just listen. (You have to admit, these filmmakers made a great job of animating this). June Carter reaching for (and finding) those high notes goes right to my heart. Enoy, put away intellectual doubt, and have a happy Easter.