Thursday, June 26, 2008


M.C. Escher
Dutch, 1898 - 1972
Palm, 1933
wood engraving in black and gray-green, printed from two blocks
Cornelius Van S. Roosevelt Collection (National Gallery of Art)

As I look to my left there are palm trees, I think - maybe they're palmettos? whatever they are they are we don't have them in Vermont and whenever I get down to Florida I am struck in the first few days by their exotic quality. They are moving slightly in the breeze under a grim, white-grey sky. I'll be here visiting with my closest female relatives for a few days. I am in my sister's new house, (a house that I just calculated cost more than I have made in my entire lifetime). Would that the visit were just for fun, so I could enjoy the pool that has the lights that change colors in time to music, and the sitting room in my "guest suite" or maybe go with my charming neices (aged 20 to 9) to Disney World. But the point of this visit comes later today when I borrow the neicemoble and head off to the other side of the state to Mom's house so that I can go with her and her husband to chemotherapy session number 2. The news from that quarter turned bad in April. I may write more about it but maybe not.