Monday, April 15, 2013

It's Publication Day!

OK people.

Five years in the making, long hours at the keyboard, the odd flash of inspiration, walks in the woods, struggling over plot points, nights worrying about historical details (how much did a bicycle cost in 1928 and how many people had electricity?), now,at last, here it is.  What I have come to think of as THE BOOK.

I only just approved the final proof an hour or two ago.  Here's a link to the paperback.  In the next few weeks it should be out as an ebook and very soon, in the next couple of days, also available in paperback through the usual Amazon channels.  An audiobook version will follow later in the year, I hope.  Your friendly local bookseller should also be able to order copies for your favorite shop.  (Wait a little before asking, you ravening hordes, you!)

So looking forward to hearing from one or two of you...