Monday, June 22, 2009

Postcards (and chickens)

Mom's still here, eating ice cream just now and watching something on TCM, so I am sneaking in some computer time.

We have been back and forth to Gloucester, Mass., visiting Mom's identical twin sister and her husband at their Fisherman's Cottage smack dab on a rocky cove on a hidden corner of Cape Ann. It was worth three nights on a fold out sofa.

This morning I snuck out of the house early for a walk on Jay Peak with Maisy.

In case your own relatives or co-workers haven't buttonholed you lately to force you to look at their vacation pictures and you've been hankering for that experience, here are a couple little postcards of our recent travels.

Shackleton went lobstering... That's my aunt in the background keeping my uncle's boat from floating away.

This is their front yard; a tame, wee bit of the Atlantic

The Understudy conquered the seawall

It's all like a postcard there when the sun shines, which it did for about 10 minutes.

This Morning in Vermont: A Bad Day for Skiing but Not Too Bad for Walking with the Dog

I have photographed this tree before, on the flanks of Jay Peak. How did it get that way?

Chicken News

Oh, and we got chickens to raise here at home last week. We moved them off the porch last night and into Whusbuand's "chicken tractor." (A coop on wheels). I'll keep you posted. Maisy is tormented by the sight of them, so close and yet so far behind the chicken wire.