Sunday, October 27, 2013

I've Been Away...

Mentally, mostly, but also in the flesh.  After that whole London whirlwind at the end of September I felt like I should get down to her sister city and so went last weekend for an overnight in New York with my daughter.   Fun, but one of those "let's not waste any of our 29 hours here" trips.  New York can really take the mickey out of me.  Here's a picture of my first-born being all atmospheric at a window at the Museum of Modern Art.

A quiet corner in a crazy busy city
And yes, before you ask, we did make it down to Big Gay Ice Cream in the East Village and yes, the ice cream was as good and as expensive as you might expect.  Here's the same teenager eating her American Glob.

Dressed for a photo safari - camo works in the East Village too.

My son decided after a few trips to the big cities that he does not like big cities.  People smoke on the streets.  There are homeless individuals. There is garbage and graffiti.  Vermont has done its work on him, at least for now.  Anyway, though I didn't take him along to New York, I did take him to the McDonald's in Morrisville, VT today.  He noticed that there was a big McDonald's flag waving alongside the US and the State flags:

"I can't believe McDonald's has a flag. What is it? Like the 51th [sic.] nation? Where the poor people live?"  

I corrected him to "51st state" and also noted that McDonald's is too expensive for really poor people, like the ones he has been avoiding...  

Going to toss another log on the fire now. I hope everyone has a good week.