Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's A Wonderful World Part 2

I have again been indulging in a little guidebook reading. This time, it was the Golden Guide to Tropical Fish that came to hand. (Golden Press, NY 1975).

So, here for your consideration, are the names of some fish that some people actually have swimming around in their living rooms (probably in tanks - I don't know a lot about fish - our foray into fish ownership ended badly, for the fish and the children, but I am solid on the tank requirement):

The Bloodfin

The Glowlight Tetra

The Rummynose

The Dwarf Barb

The Flying Fox

The Skunk Loach

The Talking Catfish

The Brick Red Wag

I could go on and on. Sorry about not providing links through to these various fish. I am at the library with no time for a proper post. See you on the weekend!