Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sunshine, Flowers a Puppy and a Barn - Get Your Toothbrush!

Life along the Vermont/Quebec border does not feature many days where the weather is spectacularly good. Today, however, was such a day. This is because no relatives from far away are visiting. If someone had just arrived from Texas or Florida or Wisconsin, it would have rained, or something worse. Maybe we would have had a hatch of mosquitoes. There ought to be a name for this phenomenon. People drive for hours to visit during leaf season and the night before they arrive there's a near-hurricane strips the leaves from every branch or a freeze that turns all them all brown. Oh well. I'll take what I can get. I can share today with you readers maybe, if not with my parents, siblings and in-laws.

I was home today with Maisy and having accomplished about half of my to-do list I felt compelled to get my camera and blog about this weather. I was hoping I had gotten a shot of Maisy McTavish that suggested Christina's World,the famous painting by Andrew Wyeth, just so I had something to offer that was not a complete Vermont cliche or so twee it would make your teeth ache. I wasn't very successful, but here's the original and my little effort.