Monday, June 15, 2015

Now, In Other News

Hello Earth!

Sorry I've been away so long. When I started this blog in 2006 I'd never heard of Facebook or Twitter. They are the enemy of ye olde blogge.

 I do have a soft spot, however, for the Last House.  In fact, I spent a pleasant day-and-a-half there this week cutting grass.  This is what it looks like in the back fields just now. Those hills in the distance are in Quebec (which is why, for you uninitiated, I call it the Last House.  It's the last one in the USA at that particular point in America).

Nice, no?

It's June!

Though I waste most of my time on social media these days, I have been doing a little writing from time to time.  I'm working on the sequel to that book I've been going on about for years - but it's hard to write a book, and long.

When inspiration strikes for something offering more immediate gratification (like a tweet or a Facebook update) I fold up like a cheap umbrella.  Occasionally, I write something that falls in between 140 characters and a novel.   I started following a funny women's web magazine called The Reductress this spring and one day I gathered up my own ideas for some Reductress stories and pitched the editors.

They didn't like any of them. So much for gratification. 

But when I have let rejection stop me from foisting my writing on the public? Never, that's when.  

So, rather than leave all this comedy gold sealed up in  my Macboook, here it is for your reading enjoyment.  Thanks for coming by. 

Reductress Headlines, DOA, Revived Here:

Local Mom Finally Admits Go Pro Purchase was “Waste of Money” 

“All I’ve managed to get are videos of my own confused face,” says Shelly Jenks, 47. I can’t figure out how the hell to erase them. Neither of my kids can be bothered to learn how to use the damn thing and it has provided zero motivation for them to do fun sports anyway.

UK Researchers Locate Kate Bush Receptor Gene

Yowling cat or shimmering genius? There’s a basis in biology.

Paul of “Paul’s Pickin’s” Announces Restaurant Re-Branding Contest

“Every one knows I didn’t mean that kind of “pickin’s” said Paul Steptoe, a native of Tennessee. Steptoe says his dream of introducing “alt hillbilly” cuisine to Brooklyn has been sidelined by the fact that his restaurant has a gross name.  “You would think the very obviousness of the jokes would make people embarrassed to make them.  But no. I overestimated my potential clientele.”

Amy Poehler Coming to Terms With Fact that Tina Fey’s Book was Just Better Than Hers 

A source close to the pair says this has been a no-go area for months.

BRCA Gene Mutation Holders Enjoying Jolie “Prestige Bump” 

“I’m not saying I’m actually related to Angelina Jolie, said local woman and BRCA gene support group founder Lana Joseph, “but we do have the same gene mutation, and the same eyebrows, so who knows?“

[Lest you think that last one is just in terrible taste I have the BRCA2 mutation myself and I'm OK with a BRCA joke, obvy.]

Here's another Last House picture as a reward for reading to the bottom.

Maisy likes it there too