Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Latest

It's way past my bed time but I checked back here and though still comment-free I'll assume one or two friendly readers are on tenterhooks wondering what has happened to Woolfoot here at the Last House during the last six weeks.

Well, we're all still here. The House is generally occupied by the Woolfoot Husband and Woolfoot Kid 1 (girl, 7) and Kid 2(Boy, 4). I had hoped to bring Kids to the luxe condo for the end of the school year but none of the preschools in which I had any interest had a spot. I didn't like to split up Kid 1 and Kid 2, so they will finish their school year here at the friendly Catholic School in Newport. I have been driving back and forth to Burlington most days but spending a couple nights a week as a bachelorette at the condo. The first few nights like that were sort of glorious (take out and a DVD!). It would be an impoverished existence, however, if it were a long-term thing. I guess that's for another post.

Speaking of preschools and schools, the Woolfoot kinder have long experience at their Catholic school here in the Northeast Kingdom. It runs from pre-school to grade 8. The building is a cold-war relic (it still has the Fallout Shelter sign on the outside wall) but the people are nice. I am not a Catholic but my husband is, by heritage anyway, and I respect the Institution although I can't quite assimilate some of its unique beliefs. Anyway, the kids are, after 4 years there, wholly known quantities. I raced up to the school from Burlington last week to the [interminable] spring concert and managed to see Kid 1 sing her three songs with grades 1-3 and then spent the rest of the evening chasing Kid 2 around the halls. Amazing how many people know Kid 2. He is a charasmatic sort of individual and not without his charms. One thing I am little sad about is that he will miss his year with my favorite preschool teacher. She is just finishing her college degree, I think, and has a grown family. I am always reminded of one of the stalwarts Country Music stars when I look at her, like Loretta Lynn. She is so energetic and uncomplaining. Kid 1 prospered in her class.

I think a little exposure to Normal America and the middle class environment of Burlington will be a good thing for them, although I am not without my misgivings. I doubt that they will be known as they are known now anyway. I'll keep you posted.