Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Few Flakes Today

What interesting thing is this? Nothing was in there actually but I have a thing for tree roots and I asked Kid 2 to check it out. Read below for more exciting news !

It's true. Woolfoot Kid 2 and I went out for a walk at about 8 AM on the just-now-closed-for-the-season Jay Peak Golf Course. You would think with such a huge investment (they carved that course out of the woods in the last two or three years at a cost of millions) that they would be playing golf on it til the last possible second. In fact, that is probably just what was done because the top of the mountain, though shrouded by a cloud this morning, showed white with a little frost or snow. And the wind. If people around here said "boy howdy" about the weather, they would be saying that today.
Game little spirit that he is, my little boy and tromped with me down the golf cart path to the raging Jay Brook. It poured yesterday all day (the temparature plummeted overnight, yesterday was mild, thank goodness or we would have had a real snowstorm on our hands with that much rain). So, a quiet day at home with some of the kids' friends visiting and a little kite flying in the afternoon.