Saturday, January 23, 2010

Quick, Get the Camera!

In this part of the world, we count on January for at least a few bright blue and white days. These have not, so far, been delivered to my satisfaction. It has been one grey gloomy day after the next, almost all month. We did get a stunner yesterday, while I was at work, of course, but another one rolled in today and it persisted all day.

This afternoon, as the sun was going down, I averted my eyes from the piles of laundry, layers of dust, and muddy footprints I had pledged to subdue, strapped on my snow shoes and walked out the front door for a knock around the old farm. It was so fabulous that I had to go back into the house and get the camera (not the iPhone, more on that in a minute). So. This is sort of what it looked like.

I'm cheating a litle here. I took this picture of Maisy (in her stylish little coat) on the other bright day we've had this year.


in case you were wondering, it looks like the iPhone and I have no future together. Whusband spent an hour on the phone with Verizon last night and new non-iPhones are en route to the Last House even as I type. I have one more day to get the beautiful little lozenge of a phone/camera/computer back to Ma Bell before she demands a pound of flesh to tear up the contract. Sigh. It was fun while it lasted. At least I still have my iPod and old-fashioned digital camera.

Bon weekend tout le monde. Did I mention that clouds are supposed to roll in here tonight and tomorrow we're in for that old favorite, "the wintry mix"?