Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Do You Have 7 Minutes and Some Headphones?

If so, it's your lucky day. If you don't have headphones I hope you've got some decent speakers because, you guessed it, I have some music for you!

I was working away on a legal brief the other day in the office and wanting to hear some new music. The speakers on my office computer don't work and, since it's an office speakers are contra-indicated (as the MDs say) anyway. So, I plugged my headphones into the ol' CPU and searched Youtube for Gavin Bryars (about whom I recently blogged) and my old favorite Joe Hisaishi, who is a Japanese composer most famous for his symphonic movie music.

When one goes hippity-hopping through the blogosphere I know that one does not want to be tied down to a long video. But you don't actually have to look at this video (its a symphony orchestra, "you've seen one," etc.) Once the music starts you can look at something else; perhaps at the other pictures in this post? I took these this morning on my walk along one of my favorite haunts, the Stowe Rec Path.

As you can see, here in Vermont, everything has really gone GREEN.

Or perhaps you would care to divert yourself for a few moments in that Aladdin's Cave of pearls of wisdom, flashing insight, rapier wit - what have you, the archives, just to your right?

I hope for those who aren't familiar with JH, that this will be a happy discovery for you. For fellow fans, well, here's a treat.

I picked just one of several great Hisaishi pieces available on Youtube to share here. This is the theme from Castle in the Sky which is a very good Hayao Miyazaki movie. As for Mr. Bryars, I found more to love about his work as well, but I don't want to try your patience. More on him another day.