Saturday, April 04, 2009

Typing the Letters Off My Keyboard

Our foremothers read the covers off their Bibles. I have typed the "p" and the "h" off my keyboard. Hmmm. "HelP!?"

It is a cheapo Ebay bargain laptop. I bought a warranty that is probably still good but I would be both worried and embarrassed to send this off to be repaired: worried that I would lose all the files, especially the pictures that are stored here, and embarrassed about the manky swill that lurks beneath (as I can now see). Has the science fiction story "It Came from the Keyboard" been written yet?


the projectivist said...

good lord!
have you been using it to dig trenches? to pound in roof tiles?
perhaps a small footbridge over the snow?

R. Sherman said...

Well done. May I suggest a lighter touch?

I say, back everything up on a couple of flash drives and send it off. Or better yet, buy a new one. The economy needs you.


KSV Woolfoot said...

In my defense, the kids use this computer too. (They are banned from WHusband's). Some months ago, a bracelet belonging to the Understudy and strung partly with microbeads broke in the vicinity of the keyboard... A few teeny beads have since been migrating beneath the keys. For some time, the corner of the "I" was impeded. Now it is the "K" (I just had to press really hard to type that one). "H" and "P" were probably microbead casualties. Still, I admit peering under these keys filled me with horror.