Friday, September 07, 2012

My Little Margie!

Sorry to bore you if you are not down with music from the 1920s, but here's another favorite from my new old play list.  I have a lovely aunt called "Margie" and now a little niece with the same name so this irrepressible little number already had a place in my heart before it embedded itself in my brain.

Press play if you want to hear the Ben Selvin Orchestra play "Margie."  If you leave the player going after the song ends, MySpace will tag on  some other stuff - I don't know what.  You've been warned.  (Is that a xylophone in there?  The guy must be playing it at light speed).



neill said...

If you're ever in the neighborhood, the local 78 shop has truckloads of 20's stuff like this that it gives away for free. Between cranking the Victrola, getting up to flip the records, and all the dancing in between...yikes, what a workout!

Nan said...

You are too young to remember! but there was a tv show when I was a preteen (?) called Margie, and it was set in the 1920s. I loved it. Let me see if I can find anything online... you didn't even know I was gone - I found a you tube of it.

Looks kinda corny now :<) but I was young. The first woman who talks is the late Deborah Walley who played Gidget in a couple of those movies, and in some Disney films. I used to love her.

Okay, thanks for this bit of nostalgia. It was fun to think back.

Kim Velk said...

Hi OMN - I would love to bring home a stack of 78s. I actually have a cheap old record player that would play them. With that new baby I'm guessing you don't need a work out.

Hey Nan - Thanks for stopping by and for the link. I am going to check it out right away.