Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Another Shorty

I was mowing the lawn today and it occurred to me that it would have been cool to be born into a family called "Tiplady" (I saw someone with this name on TV recently) or maybe "Scrimshander."  No luck there I'm afraid.  I do wonder how that first Tiplady got his name?  I mean, it's hardly "Townsend" or "Johnson" or "Weaver" or something with a boringly obvious derivation.  There's got to be a great story back there somewhere.
Also, as I was listening to my lawn mowing musical accompaniment, I got thinking about how I am probably the only 40-something Yankee in the country who has "Lula Walls" on my iTunes exercise mix.  (No comments, please, on the efficacy of my exercise regime).  It always gives me a lift.  Here's a video (pretty much minus any video content) but with the great music.  Maybe do a few stretches while you listen!


P.S.  I decided I had to look into this "Tiplady" thing and our friend the Internet, as ever, didn't let me down.  Here's a fascinating little look at the possibilities for how this old Yorkshire name was derived.  If you don't have time, the author's best guess is that it referenced a lady bar keeper.


Lulu LaBonne said...

I love this sort of music Kim. Also a keen fan of good names I'm reading a book where the heroine's name is Hilola Bigtree, she dies a couple of pages in so I'm considering adopting it for myself.

HPC said...

Speaking of names . . . I looked at your profile? Where you listed favorite foods instead of music? Those would make awesome band names!

Just saying. :-)

Kim Velk said...

Hey Lulu. I like Hilola but "Lulu" is good too.

There's a town in Vermont called "Enosburg Falls." A name that manages to suggest both "anus" and "_enis" [I am being decorous to thwart pervy searches] with the hick bunting of "Falls" attached (Almost as bad as "Corners" or "Junction"). When "Montserrat," that island in the Carribean was supposed to get destroyed by its volcano a few years back, I was thinking that if the place name "Montserrat" became available, "Enosburg Falls" should jump on it.