Saturday, January 08, 2011

Shackleton Speaks Volume IX

Preparation for Martin Luther King Day started a little early in Shackleton's fourth grade class. One of the homework assignments this week to read a page about the "I Have a Dream Speech" and then to answer a few questions. All reading assignments for Shackleton are like pulling teeth, so I had to read (i.e., "drag") him through it. The whole thing was only about four paragraphs and the questions weren't hard: E.g., "What was Martin Luther King's dream for America?" "Why did it make sense for him to give his speech at the Lincoln Memorial?" The last question was, "Do you have a dream about what would make your world a better place?"

"Well?" I asked, ready to suggest the usual - world peace, curing cancer, what have you. Shackleton didn't hesitate.

"Slaves." He said.


Anonymous said...

ha! i could say all sorts of very sexist comments but will refrain.

did think some more on the limericks - i would suggest the gorier the better. Richard Scary's (sp?) Best Mother Goose Ever has a wonderful rendition of "Taffy was a Welshman", plus a long, original version of Old Mother Hubbard and Jack and Jill.

also, there are the wonderful words to "Oranges and Lemons"...

R. Sherman said...

Probably a good thing you caught that one early.


Madame DeFarge said...

Oops. Might need to work on that one.

And are you coming to London for David Sedaris?

KSV Woolfoot said...

Hey Deb - I will run and check on some of those suggestions ASAP. Thanks.

Hey R - He immediately added, "kidding, just kidding!" and I gave him a disapproving look everything but inwardly I was thinking, "well, they want these kids to mouth pieties and good for them if they exercise a little independent thought or sense of humor.

Hey Mme. How was Iceland? I salute you for not going someplace warm and sunny for your winter holiday. It breaks my heart to _not_ be coming to London to see all the sights and David S. I asked a mutual acquaintance if she would like to try and use the ticket (not sure of the protocol) but haven't heard back from her. You wouldn't be insulted, I hope, if she declines and I send it on to you? Seems a shame to let it go to waste. Right after I gave up on my trip I saw that he was touring the US this Spring so I bought tickets to go hear him in my hometown... Let me know.