Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Rest of That Poem

Just following up on that last post. I couldn't resist working a little more on the verse I started last weekend. I am putting it here so I won't lose it (since I seem to burn through a laptop every year or so)... I may even come back and revise.

Shack and I are engaged in a daily struggle to get him to read poems, write a poem, memorize a poem and make a poem poster. We have til Jan 17 to get this done. Maybe I'll send him into school with this one when it's all over.

I think that I shall never see
A poem as lovely as TV.

A poem just sits – it has no go
And doesn’t come with audio.

What’s worse - poems must be read
To get the pictures in your head.

There’s no flash, no flicker, no bluish light
Just tracks of black in lots of white.

Give certain types a pen and page
And they’ll torment kids from age to age.


R. Sherman said...

Try to turn him on the the <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merseburg_Incantations
>Merseberg Charms</a>. He'll score an "A" just for delving into Old High German.


oldmanneill said...


J.G. said...

What about limericks? Or Ogden Nash? Something with humor might inspire him.

That said, I know how hard it is to light a fire without any tinder. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

good luck to both of you for your endeavors! i agree about the limericks.

got a question totally off this subject - do you ever see any couture or 1930's, 40's patterns in your vintage/antique quests?
if so, would you send me a note about the locations? i have the mont-peculiar sister take a look....


stay warm!

KSV Woolfoot said...

Hey R - I couldn't work the link but I googled Merseburg_Incantations and read them with interest. How handy to have a spell or two at one's fingertips. I'm going to tell my horsey friends about the one fo curing horses? I don't think Shack could manage the English translations, much less the original German, though.

Thanks again OMN.

J.G. - We tried a little Ogden Nash. He wasn't buying. I thought limericks too, but I can't think of one that isn't x-rated. I would google it but I am scared to see what would turn up. Maybe I'll try "clean limericks" and see what turns up.

Hi Deb - I will keep my eyes open. If anything comes my way I'll try to grab it for you.