Thursday, April 29, 2010

Welcome Heir to the Sch___ Throne and Lands!

No time lately for a proper post. Maybe this weekend. Just had to stop in and say welcome to my new nephew, though! This is my first nephew and I have my brother and his sister in law, who have just joined the rest of us in the parenting arena, to thank. This little fellow is a native Texan, God help us!

He showed up a month early and tipping the scales at just under five pounds. His genetic destiny having been shaped by a thousand generations of milk maids, hewers of wood and drawers of water, he is likely to top out with another 200 pounds or so by the time he reaches middle age.

My brother and his wife haven't decided quite on a name. Something Ameri-Russo-Anglo-German, reflecting his little melting pot self, seems likely.


R. Sherman said...

Whatever they name him, if he moves away, especially up north somewhere, everyone will call him "Tex."

Congrats to the proud parents.


KSV Woolfoot said...

R - I love "Tex." I am going to ask my sis-in-law if it's OK for me to call him that. Thanks as ever for your kind words.