Monday, May 25, 2009

Goodbye, Memorial Day 2009

The Kids and Whusband are out back making a tire swing and S'mores. Our own little Mayberry, maybe private Idaho? You get the picture. Still rushing around too much to write anything substantial - the Understudy had to march in three parades today (she plays clarinet) and yesterday we took a run to distant Shelburne, Vermont to go to the fabulous Shelburne Museum. I am repeating myself (I did a Shelburne Museum post or two a year ago) so here are a few pictures. I'll let them do the talking.

Here's a bit of the Morrisville, Vermont Memorial Day Parade for your viewing pleasure.


R. Sherman said...

Good marching cadence. It brings make memories of H.S. Marching Band and freezing my tuckus off during November football half-time shows.



KSV Woolfoot said...

Hi R-

I didn't realize it got so cold in Missouri. I think of it as the south. What instrument did you play? I will guess trumpet.

Lulu LaBonne said...

Love the toys, an idyllic-sounding day

Nan said...

I love, I love the S. Museum! I must go back this summer. My favorite, which I think I may have told you a long time back, is the recreation of the city house. Oh, I am transported every time I enter. And I love the little rooms on the boat - esp. the kitchen. Such a wonderful, wonderful place. Tom's students just went Tuesday - but not him this time.

KSV Woolfoot said...

Hey Lulu. Thanks for swinging by. They have a little house at the museum, called the toy store, although nothing in it is for sale, of course, and it is filled with all these great 19th c. toys. When you get to Vermont one of these days this place is a must see. I'll show you and the Director around myself!

Nan - Isn't it _so_ great? I didn't get to the city house this trip (you mean Electra Webb's NYC apt., right?) I adore that too. I must get back there without the kids sometime soon. They love the place but their attention spans are short and they like to stick with their favorites(the boat, the jail, the "toy store", the school). Oil paintings, furniture, etc. are not their thing. I bought a membership this year so we can go at will. What did your husband's students think?

the projectivist said...

your photos are SO lovely, KSV.
i particularly like the one of the children inside the museum.

gwen said...

Hey! I was at the Shelburne Museum the day after you. As I'm pretty new to VT, it was my first visit. I wasn't in hyper-photo mode; I'm glad to see you took all the right pictures for me.