Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Andy All the Time?"


Madame DeFarge said...

Yes, it is longer, but I enjoyed it. Good to step outwith the normal boundaries sometimes.

Denise@Swelle said...

Okay, I want to read this. But I came over here at 2:50 am (because that's my downfall, never going to bed on time) and I want to give it my full attention. I promise to return with a clear, focussed mind, seated in a comfy chair with refreshments to sustain me through the reading and a potty by my side, just in case.

P.S. I like seeing new banners every time I come by!

Denise @ Swelle said...

I fulfilled half of my promise of returning with a clear and focussed mind, the half being that I'm here!

I want more! I want to know the back story of this foul-mouthed starlet. I would have kept reading had it gone on. What's next?