Sunday, January 18, 2009

Man Lifts 4000 Pounds With Tongue and Other 2008 World Records You May Have Missed

DISCLAIMER: I know that other people's children being adorable and clever can be tedious, but this had, what? a certain élan. Hold on till you get to the World's Fattest Man, at least. I have found that it pays to study the illustrations carefully.


jodi said...

I'm glad that your son clarified the 4000 pound lift with the tongue. Maybe it's because I teach preschool but my first thought when I saw the title page was longest snot trail :-).

Great drawings.

KSV Woolfoot said...

Hi Jodi -
Thanks for stopping by. That picture was a little, hmm, enigmatic? I just looked at your blog and learned you are a beekeeeper. I so want to get some bees this spring. I read up on it a little last winter but didn't get organized in time. Any recommendations for particularly good sources of information?

jodi said...

I would contact the University of Vermont Extension office. They should be able to help you out and maybe even put in you contact with beekeepers in your area. Good luck with it. Lots of fun and the product is pretty good!!

Nan said...

No kids or kid stories are ever "tedious" to me. Your little fellow is quite the boy! I wish I knew him. Life is never dull in your house is it?!

Oh, and we are thinking maybe we'll get bees, too. We had them twenty+ years ago, and of course they didn't make it through the winter, but I'm thinking we have a lot more flowers now, and that might make a difference. But we haven't decided for sure. We get our honey from Todd Hardie at Honey Gardens in Ferrisburgh, and it is so wonderful that we might just continue instead of getting our own.

KSV Woolfoot said...

Jodi - Why didn't I think of that? I will check with UVM.

Nan - So kind, as usual. More from Shackleton coming soon.

The actual gathering of honey is not something I look forward to. Just having that bee house, and a "bee loud glade" as some poet said, is really what appeals. I am hoping to find some expert bee-whisperer to come and take the bees' food away and give it to me.