Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm Doing You a Favor

I know, I know, it's the internet and this is blog, for cryin' out loud. Keep it moving. Keep it light. Posting a five minute Youtube video is like asking people to sit through Berlin Alexanderplatz . Plus it is too easy. Copy, paste.

OK. I know.

But this song is on the rotation of my favorite Vermont radio station and it has been haunting me lately. I finally got it off iTunes tonight and I have been listening to it, over and over, for the last hour. I am sharing because I care about you all and want you to have the good things in life. This song isn't exactly obscure, featuring Robert Plant, who was once in a famous rock band, and Allison Krauss, who sings and plays the fiddle and is also somewhat well known, so maybe you've heard this. Well, here you can hear and see them for free. Enjoy.

Also, my friend Barb, over at Basically Unemployable (see the sidebar), posted an Eels video ("It's a MotherF****") on her blog a few months ago and in that way I met the Eels. I thanked Barb.


Stay Warm. Here are Robert and Allison.

Oh, and after you click on the arrow that makes the video start, be sure to move the little white hand that appears away from the center of the screen. Otherwise it will look like the finger on the white hand is going up Robert's and then Allison's nose and they don't deserve that. (Even if they both look strained to the brink to appear moody in this abandoned house and its yard full of Greek (Roman?) gods and a metal lawn chair. I am sure it was not their idea).


Nan said...

Because of my satellite internet connection, we can't watch too many youtubes without going over the limit, but I sure wanted to see this one. The Point is also my favorite, and it would be even perfect if there didn't need to be ads. :<) I haven't been listening to the radio at all for a while so hadn't heard this song. It's great! I looked it up and Jimmy Page is one of the writers. I think Plant looks great. My heart has ached for him ever since his son died all those years ago. I looked that up, too, and it was 1977. The boy would be in his late thirties now. So sad. Anyhow, I thought the empty house and even the statuary reflected the sense of loss in the song really well. But I kept thinking, why leave those books in the shelves? Didn't either one of the breaking up couple want them? Speaking of breaking up couples, have you ever seen Shoot The Moon? I think it is the best breaking up movie ever. Anyhow, I'm off the subject there, but thank you, thank you for this.

KSV Woolfoot said...

Nan - You are too good. Are you a member of the clergy by any chance? Do I remember Shoot the Moon? Albert Finney, Diane Keaton?! I was in High School when it came out - probably a senior - I remember that my friends and I had to decompress and analyze at Friendly's after we saw it at the mall because we were riven - I was any way. I think I was the only one with divorced parents. I remember a lot of little details about it - odd... Thanks for the reminder. I should see it again.

Lulu LaBonne said...

I do like this RP/AK combo. But how funny seeing Planty now. I just recently watched a clip of that film he made in the '80s when I had a huge crush on him (was it The Song Remains The Same?) I had to watch through my fingers as he strutted his 'I'm Adonis I am' cheesey stuff

Nan said...

I remember a review that Pauline Kael wrote about Shoot The Moon in which she talked about him destroying 'that door!' That whole house is wonderful to me. I'd like to just stroll through it without the people and the movie. :<)
Also, and this will date me, I wasn't a Led Zep fan so much. Both Tom and I thought that Jeff Beck's group with Rod Stewart as the lead singer was way, way better. Of course, they broke up and hardly anyone remembers them but my God they were great.