Thursday, August 30, 2012

Made Ya Look!

Just stopping by the old blog to wave at you.  Hello.  Also, I found this lovely picture of the Infanta (today's banner) when she was a genuine infant and felt like sharing.

Since you were good enough to stop round and admire her, here's a little something for YOU!  One of those rare Gertrude Stein jokes that every one covets.
(Actually, a good one if you are the kind of person who knows at least three things about Gertrude Stein).
Click on through. See you around the interwebs!


brodahl jahren said...

Veldig fin blogg og innlegg er svært ultimate. Takk for shaing med oss alle huskatalog

Kim Velk said...

Hi Brodahl - I take it you are a Norwegian Spam Bot, but no matter. Nice to have a such a colorful spambot comment. And, my Norwegian American friend translated your comment for me and since you said that the contents here are "for sure ultimate" I am with you.