Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just Hello, And Another Tip

Hey All -

A day at home and another "to do" list left undone. I have, however, accomplished scanning a photo that I found last night of the Understudy at age three. (Today's banner - had to share).

And, since I showed up here I feel obliged to make myself just a bit useful. So I am sharing the video for a song that made it's way into my iTunes library as part of an David Gray album purchase a year or so ago. (Album = Draw the Line). It was a deep track, not one I was looking for or knew anything about but it caught my ear and recently I investigated it a little and learned that the other voice (it's a duet) was none other than Annie Lennox. No wonder the song floated to the top.

The album is great and this song is a highlight. I and at least one friend from high school will be at David Gray's concert in Vermont in July and I am nurturing a secret hope that Annie L. will decide to vacation here just then and will join him on stage for this. Are you listening Annie and David? In any case, I hope you will listen and that it will improve your world a little. Off to do laundry.


R. Sherman said...

Love the photo.

And the vid's not bad either for a Friday morning.


savannah said...

sweet! thanks for this, sugar! somehow, david gray hasn't shown up on my screen before and now? well, i can't get enough. i am in your debt. xoxoxoxox

(came over via our mutual pal, lulu labonne. drop by one day and visit the plantation!)

Kim Velk said...

Hey R - Of course it has always been one of my favorites - the negative is, who knows where? Thank You Hewlett Packard (for the scanner). I hope you have a relaxing weekend with your offspring.

Hi Savannah - Always nice to find a fresh face in the comment box! Thanks for the kind words and for stopping in. If you are just discovering David Gray you're in for a treat. That Lulu is a genius, isn't she?