Saturday, February 04, 2012

February Is Better Than January

At least today. We had some fresh snow - just a dusting to cover the ice and the icy snow, and then some sun. Winter's perfect combination. The sun is different now, gathering a little strength. I dragged Shackleton out to the hill behind the farm house for a little flexible flying. Here's the most epic run yet - all the way from the back of the barn to the bottom of the field where the stream runs!

In other (utterly unrelated) news, I rented "The Haunting" from Netflix a week or two ago and sat down to watch it last night. I remembered seeing it as a teenager, and it made an impression. As I was racking my brain at my Netflix queue one day it popped back into my mind. No wonder I remembered it. It was directed by Robert Wise from a story by Shirley Jackson (none of this would have registered on me at 16). As the opening credits rolled I caught one that noted "Claire Bloom's Wardrobe by Mary Quant."

What a promising start, I thought. It is a fun movie - despite the frantic performance by Julie Harris, but she had a hard part to play - all coming apart at the seams and frustrated spinster and all.

Claire looked really cool in a black turtle neck, gold necklace, pegged pants and heels:

The creepy statue was a weak point. It looked like papier mache. The scary house was otherwise pretty effective - at least as photographed by Wise.

You can see why I tagged this post as "nothing really." Thanks for stopping by, though.


R. Sherman said...

Did Shack slide into Quebec? Presumably Homeland Security wouldn't cotton to that much.


KSV Woolfoot said...

Hi R - Just about! That's La Belle Province just the other side of the trees. How did you enjoy the recent political activity in your home state?

R. Sherman said...

Given that it meant nothing, it was "thrilling." I'll be doing the caucus thing in a few weeks, though.