Monday, September 19, 2011

Just a Little Note for Kate Bush Fans

You know how I worship at the altar of Kate Bush? (Still, after all these years).

She pretty much hides from the light - I don't think I have ever heard her speaking. I got an email from her new label "Fish People" the other day letting me know she has a new album coming out in November. There I learned she gave an interview in August on NPR. If you're interested - here's a link. She sounds positively accessible...


R. Sherman said...

I will have to check this out. I've not been a follower, but one is never too old to check out new stuff. Thanks for recommendation.


KSV Woolfoot said...

Hey R - I hope you will give a listen. I feel obliged to point out that a lot of her music goes down a little hard at first - it isn't typically easy, but if you listen a few times through eventually it (all the good stuff, and there's lots of it) seems to be connected to something deep and mysterious. I might suggest her 2005 album Aerial - there's a 42-minute track called "An Endless Sky of Honey" that I listen to on my summer bike rides. I think it's part of my DNA now... I hope you will like it too (there's tons of other great stuff going back 30 years, but there's an entry point for you...)